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"On Surf Drive", Falmouth 

"Sailing in Paradise", Pocasset 

Based on some feedback, I am now reconsidering the June picture, and these two are possibilities.  I love both of these, but the issue starts to rise..... why not do one calendar for Bourne and one for Falmouth.  But that turns into the question.....why not print 2000 instead of 1500?  That is a scary question, and probably the answer lies a bit further in the future.

..........2.24.11 after a couple of weeks of considering the options, I decided to leave the original set of pictures unchanged.  I am still struggling with the question of whether to publish different picture sets for different areas of Cape Cod, but right now, I think not.  It is seems a question of identity.  This picture set is "my Cape Cod" for this year.  It is the set I am bonded to, and it is the set I will publish this year.  It is the set I will try to share 1500 times  :-)).

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